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Global Maritime’s philosophy to give our clients and yards the best choice when it comes to equipment and configuration: Using our strong track record of successfully providing world class jack-up engineering designs and consultancy, Global Maritime’s GM-J and GM-L (jack-up and lift boat) series have been refined to meet a wide range of environments and operational challenges faced offshore projects.

In response to strong market intelligence, client feedback and our extensive marine operations experience, Global Maritime provides an innovative alternative to existing jack-up and lift boat designs. The series covers a broad range of Construction and Maintenance vessel sizes which have been specifically designed to optimise layout for installation and maintenance operations, whilst offering flexible value engineered solutions.

The GM-J2800, a jack-up vessel built for Master Marine in 2010 has just celebrated its fourth, incident free year operating at the Ekofisk field in the Norwegian Sector providing accommodation for 460 people. This same basic design for Teras Offshore, ‘The Sunrise’ is currently operating in South East Asia providing field maintenance services, thus demonstrating the adaptability of our designs.

We have recently signed a contract for the GM-J1000, cementing our reputation as a provider of innovative and flexible solutions to the offshore industry. This design has attracted significant interest in the North Sea, Middle East and Asian markets for its flexible configuration and robust capability.

Our GM-J1250 and GM-J1500 designs have been developed to add even more adaptability and space for construction and maintenance operations. These vessels have fully MLC compliant accommodation arrangements for up to 300 people in water depths ranging to 100m.

The GM-L800 Lift boat design is the most compact in our series. It has been configured to make the most of the size limits imposed by the lift boat regulations whilst still staying true to our principles of offering a robust capable design.

The latest portfolio addition is the GM-J350M “Caspian Modular Jack-Up” - a unique drilling unit that can be moved in and out of the Caspian Sea without the need of a specialized shipyard for assembly.

For further information on our Jack-up and Lift Boat portfolio, please click the brochures below. The series numbers have been chosen to give operators a clear indication of the available deck space for each design configuration.

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