Global Maritime

Dynamic Positioning

Global Maritime is a global industry leader in the marine assurance of dynamically positioned vessels with a focus around Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), supporting trials and operations.


We collaborate with clients to reduce their costs by managing risk and minimizing the probability of incidents, downtime, and off-hire. We leverage the diversity of skills within the Company to other areas of key technical interest known as Mission Critical Systems such as marine control systems, jacking systems, cable laying equipment, etc.


Our work is supported by DP Policies and Procedures to ensure consistent delivery of quality in all of our offices.


DP Services include:

-  FMEAs, FMECAs and Trials
-  DP Operations Manuals
-  DP Vessel Audits
-  DP Capability Plots
-  Mission Critical Systems
-  ASOG (Activity Specific Operating Guidelines)
-  CAMO (Critical Activity Mode of Operation)
-  Safe Return to Port (Cruise Ships)
-  Competence Assessment
-  Training
-  Design Support
-  Failure Analysis
-  Incident Investigation
-  Expert Witness

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