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G1 mobile cranes
G3 portal crane
G4 bridge & gantry cranes
G5 offshore cranes
G7 power driven winches & hoists
G8 truck mounted cranes
G10 hand powered cranes
G20 fixed hydraulic cranes
RX lifting equipment
T forklift
P lift
Load carrier units offshore DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-3

Enterprise of Competence: S1, A & C

Global Maritime’s crane department has achieved the following certifications:


-  Enterprise of competence S1 for crane & lifting equipment

-  Competent personnel A1 & B1 approved by NMA

-  Approved by Lloyds acc. to IACZ UR Z17, IMO`s MSC 1206 & 1277 (LSA Code)


We offer the following services:


-  Re-certification of cranes (5 year programs)

-  Annual inspection of cranes and lifting equipment

-  Control of equipment on the driller floor, incl. loose lifting gear

-  Third-party verification

-  Crane advisers

-  Certification of new cranes

-  Risk assessment of crane operations

-  FMECA of crane design

-  Onix user


Approved by and according to:

Lloyds acc. to IACZ UR Z17 / IMO`s MSC 1206 & 1277 / SOLAS III reg,20 / NS-EN 13852-1 / NORSOK R-003 / NORSOK U-102 / LOLER,98 / IMCA M 194 / IMCA R 011 / DNV 2.22 / ILO convention,152



We perform annual inspections on- and offshore. Starting by resaving documentation and certification from the client, we then inspect the items and register the results in the ONIX database. With a user profile in the ONIX database, the client can follow the status of the inspected cranes or lifting equipment. 



Five year inspections offshore start with resaving documentation and certification from the client. The extent of the inspection is determined by inspected item’s documentation and user manual. The results are registered in the ONIX database. With a user profile in the ONIX database, the client can follow the status of the inspected cranes.


We perform five year inspections on:


-  Offshore cranes

-  Provision cranes

-  Davits lifeboats MOB boats

-  Henriksen release hooks life boats/MOB boats

-  A-frame


After the inspection, Global Maritime inspectors will perform a load test and NDE inspection, if necessary. Thereafter, a new certificate is issued on site for the inspected items.



When working in challenging offshore environments, cranes are a critical element. To ensure safe operation, without incidents, the cranes need to perform every time. For the cranes to be capable of working in an environment offshore, all documentation and drawings should be third-party verified to ensure correct calculations, in accordance with relevant standards and manuals.


We provide engineering services and perform third party verification of cranes and structures on- and offshore. We also carry out maintenance programs and risk assessments, which can make the client aware of potential challenges.


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