Global Maritime

Geotechnical Design

We offer support and advice regarding all offshore structures that need high quality geotechnical design to provide safe foundations for operations. We have extensive experience in analysing “location approvals” and “site assessments” for jack-up rigs and other fixed installations.


Our services include:


-  Jack-up drilling rig foundations

-  Anchors

-  Fixed platforms (design and installations)

-  Gravity based platform foundations

-  Jackets (mud-mats, piles, and unpiled stability)

-  Site investigation planning and management

-  Piipeline trenching and routing studies

-  Dredging consultancy

-  Scour protection studies

-  Research & Development


Global Maritime maintains a full suite of offshore design and analysis programs.  For geotechnical consultancy, this includes:


-  GRLWeap for pile design

-  PUNCHTHROUGH for spud-can penetration

-  TOUCHDOWN for Jack-up installation

Relevant Experience

Site Specific Assessment - 4 leg Jack-Up

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