Global Maritime

GMOpsim OWF - 2015


GM Opsim has been used in a number of studies, which are outlined below.

Jacket and Pile Installation
GM Opsim was used to complete an installation study of the Jacket and Piles.  The simulation modelled the barges delivering the Piles and Jackets from their respective storage locations to the installation vessels on site. 

The top image shows the environment space with the ports, supply barges and installation vessels.  Graphs plot the progress of different assets.

A GM Opsim model was created to model the Wind Turbine Installation.  This modelled the full operation from loadout to installation for all turbines using a single vessel.
Weather limitations for the load out, transit and installation were inputted into the model, and the installation used different weather data points at the load out port, during transit and at the on-site installation.  

Global Maritime undertook a study to predict the weather downtime of the operability of a base port for crew transfer operations to and from the Offshore Wind Farm.  Four scenarios were modelled with varying Hs limits.
The key result was identifying the distribution of the number of days per month for which crew transfer operations will be possible.

Global Maritime undertook an analysis to look into the effect of different orientations of the CTV boat landings on the substructure.
As the limits vary depending on the orientation of the vessel relative to the waves, directional limits were used for each boat landing.

The lower picture shows the weather downtime results for each boat landing.

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