Global Maritime

MWS Transport of Project Equipment to the new Majnoon Oilfield


Client: Shell
Timeline: 2012 - 2013

Global Maritime acted as MWS for the transportation Project Equipment to the new Majnoon oilfield in Iraq. UAE was used as the logistics hub for shipments from all over the world and local fabricators were contracted for fabricating pipe racks. Project Assets were then loaded onto barges and towed across the Gulf and up the Shatt Al Arab.


It was the first time the Shatt Al Arab was opened up for this type of transportation for 30 years. A flotilla consisting of an accommodation barge and tow tugs were permanently operating on the river, responsible for escorting and towing the barges. A total of nearly 30 barges were safely taken up the river and their cargo offloaded at the site jetty. The picture is of the last barge leaving site after successful completion of the job.

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