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Risk Management

Risk Management is an element in all projects and operations. The development and employment of strong risk tools and applications for effective risk management is an essential part of our overall strategy, which allows us to work more efficiently, and enhances the quality and accuracy of our deliveries.



Compliance with local requirements poses a significant risk for companies operating offshore. Our risk and safety department has developed a compliance assessment tool, which helps a unit or organisation deliver consistent, high quality audits and compliance analyses.


The compliance assessment tool enables the compliance assessor to take a quick snapshot of an organisation’s level of compliance. By calculating a score, the tool reveals fundamental gaps that need to be addressed to increase the efficiency and performance of the organisation, unit, or project in question. The tool features an application that addresses the following requirements and standards:


-  PSA requirements and guidelines

-  NORSOK Z-013 - risk and emergency preparedness assessment

-  UK based unit specific safety case

-  IADC HSE case guideline for MODUs

-  ISO 31000 - Risk management

-  Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC/SUT)

-  IMO's ISM code

-  Norwegian Maritime Authority requirements



Projects mobilise resources and competencies to bring about strategic change, create competitive advantages, and achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.


We take a systematic and holistic approach to considering risk and opportunities in your projects. Our approach builds on risk assessment methodology from workshops with trained moderators. We observe qualitative and quantitative risk (and opportunity), based on an existing risk breakdown structure. We take structured opinions from specialists into account, and rank and visualise risks and opportunities before we develop recommendations.



Our risk framework services help clients establish and improve management processes in general, and risk management processes in particular.  Risk framework refers to an organization’s risk management system, including practices and formalized principles, processes, procedures, adherence, tools, and methods. Our risk team provides services and tools to map the current performance of an organization’s risk management, as well as to give advice and present solutions for efficiently improving risk management performance.


Our risk team has a wide variety of practical experience, including offshore operations, management of HSE and risk in large organizations, and the establishment of management systems in large, globally leading organizations.



Barrier and major accident risk management are hot topics in the offshore industry, where many organizations struggle to establish efficient procedures, methods, and tools to manage and measure their performance in this area.  Global Maritime has developed The Global Maritime barrier management protocol, which describes what an organization exposed to major accident risks should have in place. The protocol has been implemented into the Global Maritime compliance assessment tool.


Our highly experienced team applies Global Maritime’s standards and tool to assess, improve, or document the performance of any organization’s barrier management.



There are great benefits to be gained from an early introduction of risk assessments in feasibility studies, and in the concept selection phase of a project. This is why we work with our clients from an early stage on, to choose the right concept and solution.


Global Maritime has developed risk based concept selection, to efficiently select and verify the best possible solution for our clients. Our method incorporates the establishment of decision criteria together with our clients at an early stage of the project. This is followed by workshops based on Structured What If (SWIFT), HAZID, or HAZOP methods, to assess and select feasible concepts. As concept descriptions, engineering, and project scope and schedules advance, we go into more depth with targeted quantitative modelling and studies, in order to describe and manage the risk and ensure that the best technical solutions and operational plans are selected in a timely and efficient manner.


Global Maritime provides services, methods and tools to prove solutions and concepts. We also strive to arrive at these solutions and concepts more efficiently.



Are you confident that money spent on emergency systems gives your company sufficient value for money?  In a growing market, a company’s internal emergency systems and procedures often tend to escalate in terms of costs and complexity. We believe it is possible to maintain the same emergency preparedness efficiency while restructuring vital cost generating elements in your emergency preparedness system.


Our highly qualified personnel combines practical hands-on experience with advanced academic proficiency. We are confident that we can assist your business in obtaining the optimal balance between risks and business sustainability.  Global Maritime provides key business decision input for evaluating your emergency preparedness system.

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