Global Maritime

Risk Surveying & Engineering

Global Maritime, through its Risk Insurance Services team, is able to offer a range of risk surveying and engineering services for the international insurance market.


Our team comprises a highly experienced group of surveyors and engineers which enables us to survey and report on a wide range of risks, including energy, power, construction, shipyards commercial & industrial facilities, as well as other premises such as shopping malls and palaces.


These services range from individual in-depth risk surveys through to large scale survey operations of entire portfolios of risks, plus the provision of reports to assist in placing additional insurance or reinsurance in a variety markets.


Our risk management systems cover the provision of risk matrices, categorisation and underwriting systems to assist in market development, management and improvement of risks, with a view to minimising insurers' exposure.


We are able to offer associated supporting services including compliance of risk improvement recommendations and the like, plus large scale risk programme management systems.

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