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Installation of a Submerged Turret Production Bouy

GM Scotlands's direct client was Ocean Installer, and together with them and Vryhof Anchors we formed a partnership to install the Submerged Turret Production (STP) Buoy for the Aje Field offshore Lagos, Nigeria. The buoy was transported to field, lifted into the water and connected to the moorings by the CSV Boa Sub C.

GMs scope included (amongst other things) the design of the seafastenings, provisions of the marine procedures, lifting operations, design of mooring wire handling tools and lifting rigging for passing between vessels, static and dynamic hook-up analysis (in Orcaflex), participation at HAZID, HIRA and Ops Review, provision of towmaster for the positioning of the buoy during hook up and nominal mooring systems.  

GM were further challenged by changes to the marine spread in December and changes to the barge transportation plans.

GMs solution to these challenges was to assign personnel with previous experience of buoy installation from another field therefore pulling together our wealth of experience and to provide extensive and flexible out of hours support throughout the project.   All this ensured that the project was delivered on time. 

The mobilisation for the operations occurred at the beginning of February. The CSV arrived in field and deployed the buoy to sea around the 17th. The mooring was connected and the vessel demobilised around 1 week later. Further operations that were not part of GM scope were undertaken to install subsea risers and umbilical’s.

The FPSO arrived in Nigeria on 16th March, and first oil was achieved from the field on the 3rd of May 2016.

Following the operations, Ocean Installer provided some very positive feedback and both parties hope that similar collaborations can be used to undertake future work scopes.