Global Maritime

MWS Wet Tow of Gulfstar 1 Spar


Client: Williams Energy Services Inc.  
Timeline: 2014

American Global Maritime served as the Marine Warranty Surveyors for the installation of Williams' Gulfstar 1 spar.  Part of the scope for this project was the tow of the spar hull from the Gulf Marine Fabricators Yard at Ingleside, TX to the installation site in the Gulf of Mexico.


The most challenging part of this tow came at the beginning, when the hull had to be maneuvered out of the drydock and then turned.


The ballasting of the spar had to be done vary carefully to allow the hull to clear the sill at the drydock gate.  The maneuvering of the hull had to be done carefully to stay withing the tight confines of the dredged channel.


Global Maritime engineers reviewed the procedures and worked with the project team to make sure all contingencies were provided for.  They also provided guidance as to what stability criteria were appropriate to use for planning the tow.  Our surveyors were on hand throughout the process to ensure that everything went smoothly.


The result was a successful tow, with the hull delivered to the site undamaged and no incidents.

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