Global Maritime

Vessel and Rig Design

Global Maritime has built up a considerable portfolio of own developed designs over the past ten years. The philosophy has been to combine our core engineering competence with our practical experience, in order to create sustainable and innovative design solutions. We will also offer project design support and shipyard support during construction and commissioning.


Our design portfolio fall into three main categories:



We have been a pioneer in the design and construction of semi-submersible vessels in China. The first semi-submersible vessel designed by Global Maritime Group was delivered in 2010. Since then, ten vessels in our design have been built, or are under construction. These designs include well intervention, drilling, and accommodation vessels. Global Maritime Group has also designed a semi-submersible construction and decommissioning vessel.



Global Maritime has developed eight different Jack-up designs, two of which have been built. Our designs range from drilling rigs, to construction and maintenance vessels, and wind farm installation and accommodation units.



We have developed a number of mono-hull designs, including a reference FPSO design, and a standard FSU design.

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