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Zip Jack

The Caspian Sea has limited ship/offshore construction yards combined with width limited access via the Volga-Don Canal System. This has resulted in an imbalance of supply and demand creating excessive lead times and costs for the construction of drilling vessels. Global Maritime Consultancy London set out to come up with an innovative jack up vessel design which could take full advantage of this imbalance, and in 2014 Global Maritime Consultancy London completed a concept design of GM-J350M (Zip Jack), a self-elevating drilling jack-up vessel, capable of operation worldwide and optimised for use in the Caspian Sea.

The Zip Jack is of modular construction, designed to be compartmentalised for independent transit through the Volga-Don Canal System. This also enables the rig to be deployed anywhere in the world without the use of a heavy lift vessel.
The vessel is commissioned at the build yard (outside of the Caspian) and subsequently disassembled. 

It can then be transported on a heavy lift vessel or wet towed through the Volga-Don Canal System. Meanwhile the accommodation block is dismantled into mostly 40ft containers and transported on an independent vessel, truck or train. Arriving at an assembly harbor within the Caspian, the unit can “self-assemble” in a short time frame, with minimal external input and without the requirement for dry-docking. 

Global Maritime Consultancy London developed a full concept design for the rig, including: layouts, structural analysis, deck and keel connections, assembly process, and stability for each module during transit.

The Zip Jack is a great example of Global Maritime identifying a problem and transforming it into an opportunity through innovative engineering.

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